Saturday, August 20, 2005

Creates such a sickening mental image!

If I had to describe the pain I would say that its a dull aching pressure like crushing gnawing sharp burning pulling tight heavy tender throbbing cramping shooting stinging squeezing cutting flicking itching painching stabbing tingling kind of feeling.

Midnight in the Emergency room at Tri City Medical Center. Thank goodness for holiday insurance. $1500 for a quick checkup!

Untill the Phantom arrives though I think I might just fill the gap with one of these. I'll own this car before I'm 35!

I am in love. I will own this car one day!

On the beach with our kick ass tent!

H2 is so great!

First breakfast! Yummmmmmm!

Loving couple!

6000 miles on two planes and here we are watching tv :)

A gazillion miles up in the sky!

First meal in the United States - Bleedin McDonalds!!! Although I have to say, the Ranch Burger is amazing!

Getting ready for the Californian sun!

Were off on holiday!

Cough cough...

Yet again, Paula and Janet grafting at The Ironing Shop.

My mate Stu and his SAAB convertible.

Nandos is my absolute fav place to eat in Manchester! We got a take out the other day and it was soooo wonderful!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Told you I had another plate to show you !

McDonalds in the park for tea, then we can collect mum from work!

Me arsing about with the timer on my camera phone.

2299 CR - What a great number plate on a great car! I've seen quite a few nice plates recently....

Paula surveys all that will soon be our in the new house.

My mate Lee @ his costume shop in Manchester.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

In my house, we do story time differently. Firstly I make a story up, which always contains Ryan, Sam and Joe (and paula / me most of the time) - then afterwards, they get to make one up and tell it. I dont know if its good for them in any way, but it sure is fun and the results can make you feel so happy as they say the most wonderful things! If you'd like to see a very cute snip of sam midway through telling me his bedtime story, then click here. (Requires quicktime)

Edit: Oh and seeing as I'm posting video - you may as well have a laugh at these two - they crack me up each time I see them - joe is such a spaz at times!

Joe spaz video 1
Joe spaz video 2

The sky was amazing tonight - even joseph commented on how pretty it looked.

Wide shot of the living room...

We fired the BBq up again this evening and ate like kings and Queens... Several hours later, and I'm still stuffed !

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Went to visit Pat Wynn today - not seen him for a while.

Monday, August 08, 2005

I want these guys to come and paint 'The Ironing Shop' shutters... I think they are so talented.

Found out today that the number plate I have on my car is in fact illegal. The transfer never took place as the retention document had expired when I got it from my old man... tut tut - never expired while I was looking after it :) hehe - Quick trip to the DVLA and �25 later its should all be sorted. (Touch wood!)

Joseph gets pain-killers and told to go away for a few days to see if it settles. No broken bones visible which is a good thing. He's still got his appetite though, so nothing to worry too much about!

Joseph gets his first xray... I can still remember my first xray - scary experience - I thought I was about to be cut in half when I lay on that table !!

Joseph has been to hospital today as he has a very sore leg and has been limping on it quite badly.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Pure luxury !


They've really cleaned the ark up - its a wonderful place ! I'll take the kids there again I think.

We didnt have climbing walls like this in whitefield park when I was young!

And this one is pretty cool too!

Look at this for a whacky swing / roundabout for adults / big kids. Its amazing.

Paula and I had fun too ! (I wanted to write me and paula, but I figured it to be bad grammer - Sod it I guess)

The kids loved playing in whitefield parek today.

I've decided I dont need and excuse to post a photo of this most wonderful motor vehicle any more. I think it is a joy to look at and you should all be greatful. hehe

Joseph asleep in the car yet again..

Steve the ice cream man, allways stops outside our house as we're his best customers!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Drove into Manchester city center this evening - it was soooo busy ! I think it was because we've had such a sunny day.

The wheels are like new again thanks to the nice people at my local garage... I just love my car all shiny and new looking !

Friday, August 05, 2005

Joannes new living room.

I have a feeling I shall be paying this shop a visit in the near future to buy some equipment... We all love to sing karaoke !

Today Paula and Debra did the shop proud and got dressed up in matching uniforms.... Oh how we laughed....

Wide view of the ironing shop.