Thursday, May 11, 2006

I nearly forgot - check the new number plate!  Posted by Picasa
Signs are 90% complete... I love them. Just need the shutters repainting etc now. Posted by Picasa
Keyless go - have the key in your pocket and press start... Makes me smile... I wont one! Sat nav - tv - snooper etc.... Posted by Picasa
Droool.... Supercharged V8 5.5 Litre... It sounds so agressive... Its wonderful! Posted by Picasa
Mmmm Mmmm Posted by Picasa
Mmmm Posted by Picasa
Ooooh baby - pops comes round to show me his new Mercedes SL55 AMG. I luuuurv this car. Posted by Picasa
New signs have been started... Posted by Picasa
Back home - the girls are happy to see us - they have worked really hard while weve been gone - there are great! Posted by Picasa
Self picture... check my tan! Posted by Picasa
Getting on the plane to leave - I'll post more later. Posted by Picasa
Just look at that water - Paula and Julie are feeding the fish... It was sooo calm on that day - not a wave in sight. Posted by Picasa
Crabs on the beach.. Posted by Picasa
This is what Havana is all about. Amazing buildings that are in a poor state of repair. This country once had it all - and in some respects, they still do. Posted by Picasa
Another wonderful buildng is the Capital building. Well worth a visit. Posted by Picasa
This is the International Hotel in Havana. It is THE most beautiful hotel I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. For such a poor country, this was really impressive. Posted by Picasa
Just been on holiday to Cuba. What a wonderful place! Posting a few pictures. Posted by Picasa