Saturday, May 26, 2007

Front view - see previous post.
My friend John buys a new car - this is getting beyond a joke - I'm starting to run out of people I know that dont have a new car!
Took Sam to McDonalds.
Dropping Sam and Joe at school in the shiny new motor.
Paula and me do coffee .... see below image also.
Paula and me do coffee .... see above post also.

Another member of the 2007 'I got a new car' club. Have I've started a trend!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Guess which nob nutted a roller shutter!
The Merc has now gone - this is the last photo i took of it. I'll always remember my first Merc. :)
The sun started to shine in manchester. It didnt last very long.
Mac is starting to take liberties!
Left to right - Marion, Buster and Stuart.
Joseph making pizza! Although we enjoyed making them - they tasted like crap. Pizza Hut is still the best!
Paula new Citroen C3 in pasion red.
My mate Stuart's new Mini Cooper S.
My new BMW 3 series touring parked on the drive. I'm well pleased with it.