Friday, April 23, 2010

Little T sporting my crash helmet.

Daves new gsxr600 k7. Very nice!

Stuarts new toy. I still think he should have bought a trackbike!

Playing in the mud with the knome. :-)

Alergic reaction to curry sauce! Poor little fella.

A job in tele sales maybee?

Zac eating his first Easter egg.

A leg of lamb for Sunday lunch - bloody brilliant!

Jam on toast for breakfast! Mmmmm...

Took the boys for a walk down the river. How they survived without
Internet for an hour is beyond me!

My boy Zac is starting to use a fork. :-)

Stripping and cleaning the gixxer.

Thinking of selling the Honda - can't make my mind up.

You'll never be big enough son!

Met Ian Whitlow briefly at Oulton Park.

Paula getting fitted for new running shoes. Should sort her knee
problem out.

Paulas dodgey knee all taped up!

Another wet day at Oulton Park!

Another briefing at Oulton Park.

Me and my boy!

Zac on his fav play corner! He's such a darling!

My super fit wife is doing 5 miles on a regular basis now - mega
jealous, I wish I could do it!!

A photo of my photo - wheeling over the mountain at Cadwell Park!

I've got hardly any hair as it is - why bother with the hairdressers??

Had an evening at the fogs with Paula & her sister/bro in law. Not
really my thing, but we had a good night.

Ignition control went tits up - more expense I didn't need!

Been having trouble getting the quickshifter to work on the gixxer.
Thinking of running it in for a dyno session.

Not posted anything for a while, so thought I'd go through my mobile
photos and stick them up. Going to attempt to update this more often
from now on.