Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zac gets glasses.

Part of me thinks he looks cute, but my heart aches for him when I think he has to have them forever.

Friday, May 06, 2011

God I look good!

Zac and Barney

Posh Paula

Zac pirate!

Thinking of building this..

GSXR600 is back to life!

Zac and his big bro Ryan!

Zac and his new bike!

A beer & BBQ in the sun!

Sunshine in my life!

My little angel!

BBQ no.1 2011

Joseph in Aladin.

My little boy makes me so proud!

Poor fish!

Many of the little blighters died moments after my feet touched the water!

Yay, mums here.

Mmmmmm, McMuffin!

Steering lock fault!

A mere 33k miles and the steering lock has failed - surely this is bmw's problem!?!

House looking great!

Now the drive is done, the house is looking great - really pleased with it. Just need gates etc now.